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The Multifaceted Singers Collective™

Your affordable one-stop shop for elite vocal training to take your artistry to the next level.

Do you ever feel like singing…  

  1. Involves too many other pieces & subjects (if it’s not acting, it’s languages, auditions, self-tapes, marketing, music theory, “the industry”, and the list goes on & on…).

  2. Involves too many people (private voice teacher, vocal coach, acting coach, acting classes, accompanist, etc).

  3. Involves too much money (to even pay for all this said information and these said people). 

  4. Involves too much time (& too many hours on inefficient vocal exercises & practicing the WRONG thing)

Do you just want… 

  • Great vocal training & a career without giving up your passion, joy, & life. 

  • To not feel stressed, frustrated, burned out, and like a struggling artist.

  • A simple solution to your vocal, artistic, & career problems that are keeping you stuck.


The Multifaceted Singers Collective™ 

The Multifaceted Singers Collective™ at The NEO Studio™ is your one-stop-shop for elite vocal training at an affordable price. You get access to a variety of tools that will have you become a versatile, complete vocal artist who is fully prepared for the industry. 

Created by
Neophytos "Neo" Ioannou 
Multifaceted Vocal Teacher, Audition Coach, and Founder of The NEO Studio™

As a life-long performer, I understand how difficult singing can be and how it involves SO many different fields that all come together.


I'm so ready to teach you my in-depth, cross-genre techniques so you can go from "what am I missing?" to knowing EXACTLY what you need to become the true vocal artist you are! 

With the proven and tested multifaceted singer method, you will turn your vocal instrument into a full, vocal artist with killer new tools and choices. All without the frustration, lack of knowledge, and self-doubt that comes from this long, crazy journey. 

As seen with:

So who is this program for?

  • You want to become a versatile, fully unleashed artist

  • You’re sick & tired of not knowing what to learn and how to develop your artistry

  • You’re ready to make a change in your training to have your aligned vocal career

  • You’re ready to LEVEL UP!

How it works...

Here's what people have said:

Students using this method have attended...

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So what are the benefits and perks of the membership?

Here’s what you get for joining The Multifaceted Singers Collective™: 

  • Library of Resources ranging from exercises, audition tips, acting technique, character & script analysis, mindset, industry news, personal & professional lessons, etc. 

  • The 7 Keys to Vocal Artistry E-Book

  • Repertoire Lists

  • Warm-up Vocal tracks

  • Targeted Vocal Exercises & Training

  • Modules & Videos

  • Monthly Vocal Feedback & Coaching Notes

  • Exclusive Discounts & Promotions

  • And MORE!


The library's content continues to grow month by month!

*** Valued at $1,000 MONTHLY ***


The Multifaceted Singers Collective™ is the most versatile online vocal program out there, designed for emerging artists to take their vocal artistry to the next level. 

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  • What if I don't live in New York City or the US? Will this work for me?
    Yes! So this membership is fully online and has on-demand content available whenever you want to access it. The video submissions are also submitted for online feedback, making it super comfortable, convenient, and flexible for all vocal artists!
  • What if I need a lot of help with my vocal technique? Will this help me?
    Yes! As the vocal technique is a massive part of a singer’s artistic journey, a large portion of the work covered in The Multifaceted Singers Collective™ revolves around vocal technique. We know that technique is the building block for creative expression and we want all students to feel grounded and comfortable in their instrument. With our strategic vocal exercises and audio tracks, you will be able to work on exactly what you need to be a fierce, confident, and versatile singer!
  • What if I need help with upcoming auditions? Will this help me audition better?
    Yes, and in various ways! First, the modules and trainings provide the knowledge, tools, and exercises to improve your technique, artistry, and acting abilities, which directly affect your auditioning skills. Auditioning, like most things involving singing, isn’t just one thing, and The Multifaceted Singers Collective™ helps emerging artists train how they need to confidently and authentically walk into the audition room. The other main way this program helps in auditioning is through video submissions. These submissions can be treated just like auditions, where you get specialized feedback from a vocal and audition coach. So elite audition prep at its finest! Whether you are auditioning for performing arts high schools, college programs, conservatories, competitions, productions, or whatever else, this will help you level up.
  • What if I need help preparing for an upcoming role? Will this help prepare me?
    Yes, it could! The topics covered in The Multifaceted Singers Collective™ help emerging artists in various aspects of their training. Whether you need help in vocal technique, songs, character work, sides/scenes work, performing, memorization, confidence, or any other subjects as you learn any role, the collective can help you explore ways to dive deeper into the preparation. Also, through the video submissions feature, collective members can submit songs, monologues, or scene work from the role(s) that they are preparing for specialized feedback, which gives them direct ways to apply their newly acquired skills to the work.
  • What if I like to sing in only or multiple vocal genres? Will the program work for me?
    Both are fine! At The NEO Studio™, we focus on cross-training where ideally a student feels prepared for all genres they want to sing. With that being said, we also have singers that primarily focus on one vocal genre (whether it is classical music, musical theatre, or pop music). Regardless of the specific vocal genre, we are confident that The Multifaceted Singers Collective™ is beneficial to all types of singers!
  • What if I want direct feedback on my performance? Will this program work?
    Yes, it can! What’s fun about The Multifaceted Singers Collective™ is that the program is designed for singers to learn the material and directly apply the lessons and exercises to their craft. When singers send in a vocal submission (one video a month), they receive direct feedback on their work and how to take it to the next level.
  • What if I decide the collective isn’t for me? Will I be able to leave?
    Of course! While most singers are more than satisfied with The Multifaceted Singers Collective™, we understand that singing (and, frankly, any art form) is not a one-size-fits-all. As The Multifaceted Singers Collective™ is a subscription-based program, singers can cancel their subscription at any time. So you always have that flexibility there should you need it!

Any Questions? 🤔

Ready to join The NEO Studio™?


We can't wait to train you!

The Multifaceted Singers Collective™

Take your vocal artistry to the next level

  • Month Membership

    Every month
    The Multifaceted Singer Collective
    • The NEO Studio Vocal Exercises
    • PDF Downloads to Sheet Music
    • Accompaniment Tracks for Exercises
    • Video Modules and Trainings
    • Worksheets and Workbooks
    • Monthly Vocal Feedback Submissions
    • EXTRA Bonus Exclusives and Discounts!
  • Best Value!

    Year Membership

    Every year
    Get 2 Months FREE
    • The NEO Studio Vocal Exercises
    • PDF Downloads of Sheet Music
    • Accompanist Tracks for Exercises
    • The NEO Studio Musical Theatre Rep Guides
    • Worksheets and Workbooks
    • Monthly Vocal Feedback Submissions
    • EXTRA Bonus Exclusives and Discounts!

* This membership is an auto-renewal subscription that can be canceled at any time. *

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