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Welcome to The NEO Studio™

I’m so happy I made the decision to take singing lessons with Neo! I had no previous experience or confidence and he made me feel comfortable & safe from day one. Neo is extremely patient & supportive which creates an enjoyable learning environment.  Neo is definitely erudite and has superb skills & knowledge.  I have personally reached a point beyond my wildest expectations. Highly recommended!

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–Jessibel Falcon, Dramatic Arts Graduate Program at Harvard Extension School

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Neo is a great listener and teacher. He is flexible about what we should work on during my singing lessons and offers me multiple tips to try out. He shares helpful insights about his experiences and is patient. I can feel the drastic improvement in my vocal techniques that I wouldn't have even imagined, along with a great change in mindset. Singing is not the easiest journey but with Neo, he makes the experience very fun and enlightening!

–Linda Quach, student.


First, I wanted to congratulate you on your artistic pursuit! As a multifaceted performer and educator, I understand how crazy and demanding this profession is and I truly want to commend you for embarking on this wonderful journey!


The NEO Studio™ was created to help emerging artists cultivate the various skills they need for their vocal journeys. After seeing so many young artists who are not properly prepared for their careers (whether it’s due to technique, acting, business, musicianship, or whatever else), this studio was designed to provide specialized, multifaceted training to help singers become versatile & thrive in their pursuits.

Neophytos "Neo" Ioannou 
Founder of The NEO Studio™

Neophytos “Neo” Ioannou is a singer, actor, multifaceted voice teacher, audition coach, & founder of The NEO Studio™. Based in New York City,  Neo has performed at Carnegie Hall, Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, alongside the NY Virtuoso Singers & Kelli O’ Hara, & performed for Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett. 


Neo has performed in operas, recitals, musicals, theater revues, & cabarets all over NYC. Some selected roles Neo has performed include Starkeeper in Carousel, Dr. Blind in Die Fledermaus, First Priest/First Slave in The Magic Flute, Mr. Mushnik in Little Shop of Horrors, & Willard in Footloose. 


An overview of Neophytos’ vocal training includes a Post-Master’s degree in Classical Vocal Performance, a Bachelor’s degree in Romance Languages & Literatures, a Distinction of Vocal Pedagogy from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, and Levels  I, II, and III of Somatic Voicework™ and Soul Ingredients® Methodology. 


As an actor, Neophytos has received top conservatory training from Stella Adler Studio of Acting, HB Studio, T. Schreiber Studio, and The Barrow Group. As a working performer, he is also a proud member of Actors Equity Association (AEA).


Neo has coached countless singers, actors, & other artists to learn what they need to achieve their goals, create vocal strategies that will help them succeed, & enhance their artistic abilities.

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The NEO Studio™’s approach to teaching is fundamentally based on the concept that students are unique and must have a learning environment in which they can truly thrive. Through the combination of vocal exercises, body release, technical work, and repertoire, the studio provides the creative outlet for emerging artists to embody their individuality and discover their true artistic capabilities. 


The primary vocal principle at The NEO Studio™ is this: Singing is a multifaceted art form that requires a combination of artistic modalities to achieve true vocal artistry and freedom. The act of singing is influenced by life and, thus, it incorporates many different skills and topics.


Some major pedagogues & institutions that have influenced me & my work include the Bel Canto school, Somatic Voicework™, Alexander Technique, McClosky Institute of Voice, Fitzmaurice Voicework®, Mary Saunders Barton, Richard Miller, Stanislavski, Stella Adler, Chekhov, Meisner, & Uta Hagen.


As a vocal instructor, I utilize scientific, artistic, interpretive, and holistic teaching techniques to guide artists through their training. I stress the importance of individuality and believe that all instruction must be specifically tailored to the individual artist and based on their current needs and personal trajectory.


Based on specialized artistic training and cross-training techniques, my students have been accepted into NYC performing arts high schools & universities for music performance, music production, and musical theatre, as well as leading roles in musicals and operettas.


My immense passion for teaching voice and cultivating skills within emerging artists merge together to produce a feer way of singing and true vocal artistry. 



The NEO Studio™ provides online voice sessions through Zoom. Lessons are scheduled through Acuity Scheduling found on (and at the bottom of this page 😉).


With extensive education and artistic background in both Classical Music Vocal Pedagogy and Contemporary Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy (CCM), The NEO Studio™ trains students in Musical Theater, Pop Music, Classical Voice, or a combination of multiple genres!


Time slots are between 30-minute and 50-minute sessions. There are sessions “à la carte” or drop-in lessons, where students may schedule a session without purchasing a complete package, though they are offered at a higher rate due to the convenience and last-minute availability.


Apart from the à la carte options, The NEO Studio™ also offers various packages. There are 8-session packages and 12-session packages offered at both the 30-minute and 50-minute lengths. Students who purchase a package may also have the option to “mix-and-match” their sessions, meaning that some sessions may be allocated to pure vocal technique, while others predominantly focus on repertoire, acting, the industry, diction, college applications, or whatever is determined by the instructor and student!

Overview of  Lesson Policies

Each student at The NEO Studio™ is sent a document containing all studio policies under the student contract. This information packet contains a brief overview of the policies:


  • Students should bring their joy to the art form, a curious mind, a passion for learning, and an eagerness to explore their voice and artistry during their sessions.

  • Students are expected to practice the materials covered during their sessions throughout the week and be fully prepared (to the best of their abilities) for their upcoming sessions. 

  • There is a 24-hour notice required in order to cancel voice lessons. Students get one “emergency pass” exception every six months (two annually).

  • All lessons purchased through an 8 or 12-session package must be used within the assigned time frame for that specific package.

  • For optimal results, online sessions require reliable internet and sound quality.

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