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The 7 Keys to Vocal Artistry

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What You Will Learn:

In this E-Book we will cover:

  • The 5 Major Misconceptions of Singing that are affecting your growth

  • What makes a great artist

  • The 7 keys that will give you the versatile performance career you want

  • Why isn’t singing just ONE thing?!

  • How to learn what you NEED to dive deeper into your artistry and to level up in your career!  

About Me

Hi! I am Neophytos “Neo” Ioannou, actor, singer, creator, and your Multifaceted Voice Teacher & Audition Coach. I understand the singer’s life, the actor’s struggles, and all the challenges of being an emerging artist. 


For years, I’ve coached singers, actors, and other artists to learn what they need to know to achieve their goals, create strategies that will help them succeed, and enhance their abilities to level up.

I am here to teach you, motivate you, and supply you with what you need to excel.


Students using this method have attended...

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What People Have Said About Me...

–Linda Quach

“Neo is a great listener and teacher. He is flexible about what we should work on during my singing lessons and offers me multiple tips to try out. He shares helpful insights about his experiences and is patient. I can feel the drastic improvement in my vocal techniques that I wouldn't have even imagined, along with a great change in mindset. Singing is not the easiest journey but with Neo, he makes the experience very fun and enlightening!”

–Joseph Gergyes

“Neo has been my vocal coach for over two years. During those two years, he has helped me grow immensely as a performer. He guided me through the audition process, as well as helped me with my leading roles during my high school shows through characterization during songs and doing vocal techniques that strengthened the way I sing to an audience. I really enjoyed working with him, he is a phenomenal vocalist and teacher. “

–Jessibel Falcon

“I’m so happy I made the decision to take singing lessons with Neo! I had no previous experience or confidence and he made me feel comfortable & safe from day one. Neo is extremely patient & supportive which creates an enjoyable learning environment.  Neo is definitely an erudite and has superb skills & knowledge.  I have personally reached  a point beyond my wildest expectations. Highly recommended!”

–Valinee Poonai

“Neo is an excellent vocal and piano teacher! He established a great rapport with my son for the past two years and keeps him motivated. He is very reliable, attentive, and encouraging. He has a calm manner and a very supportive teaching style. With his guidance and support, my son was able to gain a seat at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts. He loves his music lessons and I couldn't be more pleased. I would highly recommend Neo!”


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The 7 Keys to Vocal Artistry E-Book

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