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I help young professionals and emerging artists unlock their true artistic potential by cultivating all the necessary aspects of being a performer so that they can make a variety of artistic choices and take their craft to the next level.


I teach my students through the combination of artistic, mindful, linguistic, professional, performance, and technical modalities. My teaching philosophy is to guide every student to discover their inner artist through a beautiful and healthy instrument used for authentic artistic expression.

Lessons and consultations are primarily online.

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Voice Lessons

I provide specialized voice lessons that can focus on classical music (opera & art song repertoire), musical theatre, or pop. Based on cross-training techniques, my students have been accepted into NYC performing arts high schools & universities for music performance, music production, and musical theatre.

Dramatic Vocal & Acting Coaching

I provide both dramatic vocal and acting coachings for students who want to delve into their music/text on a deeper, artistic level for any upcoming performances/auditions. I believe in using extensive text and character analysis to help any student with their musical theatre songs, art songs, monologues, arias, scenes, character development, or pop music.

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Audition Prep

During these lessons, students learn how to ground themselves, work on breathing and alignment, how to professionally present their material, audition etiquette, how to find comfort in their performance state, and how to walk into any audition feeling they are the best they can be

Foreign Language & Lyric Diction

 I look at students’ repertoire and instruct the topics found in a standard lyric diction course; covering phonology, IPA transcription, translation, and pronunciation rules for these languages. For both singers and non-singers who are struggling in their language/diction classes or looking to learn a new language, I teach basic, intermediate, and some advanced grammar in the following languages: English, Greek, Spanish, French, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese. 

Music Theory, Piano, & Aural Skills

I provide various services for students who want to refine their music theory, piano, and aural skills. Students can choose from sight-singing, dictation, rudiments, music theory, music harmony & analysis, beginner & intermediate piano, or a mix of them all! This is great for students who are wanting to take their musicianship to the next level or who have recently been accepted into performing arts high schools or college music-intensive programs.

I’m so happy I made the decision to take singing lessons with Neo! I had no previous experience or confidence and he made me feel comfortable & safe from day one. Neo is extremely patient & supportive which creates an enjoyable learning environment.  Neo is definitely erudite and has superb skills & knowledge.  I have personally reached a point beyond my wildest expectations. Highly recommended!

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–Jessibel Falcon, Dramatic Arts Graduate Program at Harvard Extension School

Neo is a great listener and teacher. He is flexible about what we should work on during my singing lessons and offers me multiple tips to try out. He shares helpful insights about his experiences and is patient. I can feel the drastic improvement in my vocal techniques that I wouldn't have even imagined, along with a great change in mindset. Singing is not the easiest journey but with Neo, he makes the experience very fun and enlightening!

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–Linda Quach, student.

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